Since 1996, Shelter, Inc. has provided Healthy Families services free of charge to first-time parents, helping them to build a healthy and secure environment for their children.

The Healthy Families program offers a variety of services through home visitation that may include providing referrals for child care, education or health care.  Home visits focus on positive parenting skills, child development, child health information and other aspects of family functioning.

Services are focused on strengthening the family and enhancing the quality of life, thereby improving childhood outcomes.

Healthy Families America Goals:

  • To systematically assess all first-time parents in order to identify their strengths and needs, to refer them to appropriate community resources.
  • To enhance family functioning by building trusting relationships, teaching problem solving skills and improving the family’s support system.
  • To promote positive parent-child interaction.
  • To ensure children receive well-baby care and immunizations.

Shelter Inc.’s Healthy Families staff is bilingual, bicultural and trained in prevention services as well as parent education.  The program is voluntary and confidential.  The Healthy Families approach is designed to begin working intensively with families around the time their babies are born and services are available for up to five years. For more information about Shelter, Inc.’s Healthy Families Program:

Healthy Families is funded in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

The Healthy Families program was recently featured on WGN News.

The video below was recently featured in the Daily Herald, and provides a personal perspective of the value of the Healthy Families program.

An Urgent Need

As Illinois enters its 9th month without a state budget we may have to close our Healthy Families Program. Please help us with the vital support we need to keep the program in operation until a state budget is passed by donating to our GoFundMe campaign.

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